Lose The Booze

The Blue Valley Northwest sophomore class raises awareness to lose the booze and stay clean.  

Alex Johnson-Barroso Feature

Have you traveled abroad onto an amazing adventure?  In this video, Ladue senior, Alex Johnson-Barroso, describes a journey he endured during his winter break climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  Find out about why he calls this accomplishment a “s ...

Who You Are

This music video was produced by LaShay Young, Kokomo Area Career Center television production student. It placed second at the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters state competition.

Get Outside and Do Something

An interesting PSA on getting active.

D.A.R.E Prescription and Over The Counter PSA

This is a PSA that shows the real life effects of RX and OTC drug abuse. It shows a teen putting stuff into a medicine cabinet and stops and looks at a bottle of prescription pills. Suddenly, his possible future passes in front of him. After that he snap ...

Don't be a BULLY ~ Be a HERO

Growing up and dealing with peers can be tough.  Bullying is a serious issue that students face today in school.  In this video, students from Hammond High School came together and created this short film.  See how bullying can affect peop ...

Drug Awareness

 Students from Bay City Western High School came together and created a short PSA about drug awareness.  In this video they explain how choosing a path with drugs involved can impact very important things in your life. 



June 12, 2012

WHS Teacher Al Matzes' Battle With Cancer - Spring 2012

Students from Washington High School talk about how much they love their teacher Al Matzes in this video. Mr. Matzes discusses his battle with cancer and gives wise words to live by.