About K12 Media Foundation

Our Vision:

K12 media foundation showcases outstanding student and teacher media creations, that educate and inspire others to achieve their goals. We believe student and educators should have a place to showcase their multi media creations that they can be proud of, and k12 media will be that place.

With the growing embrace of digital media in classrooms today, K12 media is serving as THE display and recognition site for students and educators across the US. K12 media, in partnership with over 20 national education associations, and dozens of private and public entities, facilitates scholarship and recognition awards for outstanding digital media works produced by students and teachers across the US. Through our website and our committment to the education community we will highlight the best work of those individuals or entities to inspire all.

Why We Make A Difference:

We are here to recognize individuals who inspire others to learn and achieve their own goals. K12 media foundation is passionate about providing an dedicated media outlet to showcase outstanding digital creations by students and educators that inspire and motivate.

K12 media foundation showcases powerful and personal success stories. Our mission is to help motivate our audiences to make a difference in their own personal success and in their communities.

Our Community:

Our community is comprised of students, educators, schools, and our partners. There is an old African proverb that states that "It takes a Village to raise a child." We believe in that and believe that it takes a community to educate all. We also believe that through peer to peer communication our community can be inspired to make an impact in the world.